Do you need replace your baseboard electric heaters?

If your baseboard electric heaters aren’t working, are broken, or just need replaced because they are looking old, rusty, or dirty then call Quicktricity today!

Our Expert Electricians can replace your baseboard electric heaters and get you on your way to a warm home again.

Important Information for homeowners who use electric baseboard heaters!

Inspecting and cleaning your electric baseboard heaters is an important task that should be done at least once a year. The ideal time to clean out these heaters is before heating season arrives and you need to turn on your baseboard heat.

To inspect and clean your baseboard heaters first make sure they are off and cooled down. This will help avoid injury from touching the hot surfaces of the heater. Once the heater is off and you know it is not hot, take your shop-vac or vacuum hose with the narrow attachment and vacuum out the lint, dust, pet hair and dirt that accumulated in the heater through the year. This will reduce the risk of fire and improve the effectiveness of the heaters.

Once the heaters are cleaned out, check to make sure they are fastened to the wall or floor securely and that the end caps or protective shields are in place and not loose.

Video: Maintaining Your Electric Baseboard Heaters