Electric Panel Services

URGENT VIDEO The 5 Things YOU Need to Know About Your Electric Service

Follow Quicktricity Electrian Forrest Healey as he walks through a home and shows you what to look for ans what warning signs should prompt you to call an Expert Electrician.

Are you having problems with your Electric Panel?

Your breaker panel is something you should NEVER mess with. If you are experiencing a problem with your electric panel you should call an Expert Electrician immediately to either repair or replace your electric panel.

Call Quicktricity TODAY at 717.533.1012 to have your electric panel serviced or replaced today.

Do you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel?

Federal Pacific and Zinsco electric panels are very dangerous and are prone to problems. If your home has either of these two brands of electric panels you should replace these electric panels now to avoid the problems associated with them.

What’s so dangerous about a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel?

Both of these manufacturers of electric panels were very popular in new home construction 40+ years ago. Many of these panels went years without discovering their flaws, but today many home inspectors and electricians are aware of the problems associated with these two brands of panels.

Both Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels are prone to not “tripping” the circuit when they are overloaded, causing the energy that passes through them to ramp up and create large amouts of heat. The energy that is then traveling through a faulty breaker in one of these panels will continue to get hotter until either the electric source will continue to supply the faulty panel until the wires melt, potentially causing a fire and posing a great risk to your home and family.

If you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco panel, call us TODAY at 717.533.1012 to have your electric panel replaced with a updated, safe panel.