Do you have a light switch that is causing problems in your home or that you think is malfunctioning? A faulty light switch is something that many homeowners experience and the problem can be repaired with the help of an Expert Electrician to ensure your home’s safety.

Some common light switch problems include:

  • Light switch is warm to the touch
  • Having to tap or wiggle the light switch to make it work
  • A buzzing sound from inside the switch or dimmer box

These problems can be caused by a number of issues within the switch or the way it was originally wired, but can be fixed with proper troubleshooting and diagnosis from an Expert Electrician.

Dimmers and Fan Control Switches

Adding a dimmer switch can change the look and feel of any room by providing ambiance and style to your living environment. There are a wide variety of colors, styles and control options available to add some character to your home.

Fan control switches can make life easier and safer when trying to change your fan speed to control your comfort. Rather than reaching up to pull the fan speed chain, you can simply adjust the sliding control on the wall to the desired speed. This is a big help for homes that have high ceilings, allowing you to safely change the speed of your fans. Some newer models of fan speed controls are now coming with remotes that allow you to control your fan from the comfort of your sofa or favorite chair.